Child Abuse Prevention


Free, interactive parenting training for parents, caretakers and professionals. Parents can gain the education, tools, skills and resources needed to raise safe and healthy children. They can learn how to build positive child/parent relationships. Our classes have relevant class topics including today’s hottest parenting challenges. Classes are offered individually or in series format.

In fiscal year 2014, more than 2000 adults attended our parent education classes.

For more information on classes, or to register, please call (520) 624-5600, ext. 309

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Classes are funded in part by First Things First, the Child Abuse Prevention License Plate Program, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Arizona, City of Tucson Human Services Grant Funding, and the Knisely Family Foundation.


In fiscal year 2014, this program served 355 children and 484 families.

Nurses work with vulnerable first-time mothers to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery and to become a better parent. Nurses continue to provide care and counsel to new moms until the baby is 2 years old.

Casa de los Ninos, Easter Seals Blake Foundation and the Pima County Health Department are the local providers authorized to offer the Nurse-Family Partnership program in Pima County. Nurse-Family Partnership is a national program with strict guidelines and a proven track record for successful outcomes. For further information, visit Nurse-Family Partnership.

This successful program is funded by First Things First and the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) Bureau of Women’s and Children’s Health (BWCH) from the federal Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program (MIECHV).

For a more detailed list of services or to refer someone to this program, please click here.


In fiscal year 2014 this program served 150 children and 157 families.

Parents as Teachers works to ensure that children are ready to start school and be successful.

Helping parents become their childs first and best teacher is the goal of the Parents as Teachers program, an early childhood parent education and family support program serving families throughout pregnancy until their child enters kindergarten.

Parents as Teachers brings services to parents in their homes by a Certified Parent Educator who helps parents understand their child’s developmental stages and the opportunities each stage offers for learning. For example:

• Together with their parents, children develop routines. They learn to deal with feelings and share emotions. They recognize and adapt to transitions, which is necessary for smooth and successful kindergarten learning.

• This sense of predictability makes children feel more secure and increases their willingness to try new things at school.

• Children start kindergarten already screened for delays (including vision & hearing screening), many of which have already been addressed, reducing or eliminating the need for further remediation and accelerating learning.

• Because of all this, children score higher on kindergarten readiness tests and standardized measures of reading, math and language in elementary grades.

This program is funded by First Things First and offered in partnership with Easter Seals Blake Foundation, Amphitheater Public Schools and Sunnyside School District.

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A gateway to accessible, convenient, and affordable parent education programs. Information is also provided about resources available throughout Tucson. The Parent Info-Line is there to help parents connect to other families in the community, strengthen their own parenting abilities, and find answers to difficult parenting questions. Please call 520.624-9290.


The Tucson Safe Baby program saves lives. It gives women a healthy alternative to simply abandoning a child she doesn’t want or knows she can’t care for. Safe Baby locations are places where a woman who delivers an unwanted baby may relinquish the child, no questions asked. She must do so in the first 72 hours of the infant’s life. She must also hand the baby to a staff member at the location rather than leaving it unattended. Given those two conditions, however, the matter will be kept confidential and the child will be sent to an appropriate hospital or shelter. For more detailed information, please visit the Tucson Safe Baby Program.

NOTE: Approved by Arizona voters, First Things First works to ensure that our youngest children have access to quality early childhood experiences. The goal is to logo-first_things_first help kids start school healthy and ready to learn. Local partnership councils throughout the state work with community leaders to identify the health and educational needs of children under 5.