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Parents As Teachers School Readiness

Children's book, school supplies, tooth paste and tooth brush.
Casa de los Ninos Parents as Teachers program has offered services since 2012.  Parents as Teachers is offered in all 50 states and 6 other countries [Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, and Guam] since 1981. The PAT mission is to promote the optimal early development, learning and health of children by supporting and engaging their parents and caregivers.  While parents are participating in the program they receive Personal Visits, Group Connections, Screenings and needed resources. The personal visits support parents in improving their parenting skills. Group connections support parents in building a sense of community. Screenings ensure children are healthy, safe, and ready to learn. And referrals connect parents with needed resources.
To support parents in preparing their children for school a Bracken Kit is provided when their child turns 30 months. The kit encourages parents to work on school readiness activities through play. Through play children increase their cognitive skills, physical abilities, new vocabulary, social skills and literacy skills which are essential for kindergarten.
The program had their annual graduation on Saturday, May 14, 2022, at the International Wildlife Museum. The ceremony was held in the auditorium which was decorated by personalized posters which staff made for each individual child.  Twenty-nine children graduated from the program. Families and children were called up to the stage one at a time and were presented with a certificate, backpack, balloon, and their poster. After the ceremony, pizza and salad were provided in appreciation for the guardian’s patience, dedication and commitment in being thier child’s first and most important teacher.  Families expressed gratitude for everything the parent educators have done for them. In total 100 individuals enjoyed each other’s company and all that the International Wildlife Museum provides. 
It’s a privilege to witness the amazing transformation families experience with our awesome parent educators! With the solid evidence-based model of Parents as Teachers, our team can help to affect real change in families and ensure that kids are ready to start school. Thank you so much to the PAT Team for your dedication and commitment!

Irma Marquez

Parents As Teachers Program Supervisor

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