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Helping Families Work Towards Reunification

Supervised Visitation Program

The Supervised Visitation Program at Casa de los Niños provides safe and reliable supervised services, transportation, documentation, and case management for both the Arizona Department of Child Safety for families working towards the ultimate goal of reunification and for families in need of supervised parenting time or supervised exchanges with the Arizona Superior Court (family law bench).

The Supervised Visitation Program offers supervised visitation and exchange services for families in need of services with family law. This service is voluntary or court ordered, you do not need a referral to enroll. Our services are either court referred or through private services.

Our services are offered 7 days a week between 8 AM and 8 PM – open availability depends on services needed.

Please note that there might be a 30 day wait period for services to start. Due to COVID-19, our program guidelines require health screenings before any visits.

Types of Services Offered:

  • Supervised Exchanges – A Case Aide oversee the exchange of a child(ren) from one parent to the other parents at the start and end of parenting time. Brief summary reports reflecting what occurred at the exchange are completed by the Case Aide. All exchanges take place on the Casa de los Niños campus – we are unable to offer exchanges in the community.
  • Supervised Parenting Time (Visitation) – A Case AIde oversees parent and child(ren) contacts for the duration of a scheduled parenting time visit. The focus of the visit is the safety and the protection of the child as well as the adult participants. Brief summary reports reflecting what occurred at the visit are completed by the Case Aide. These visitations also take place on the Casa de los Niños campus only.
    • Case Aides do not intervene or direct the visit except in an instance when a child’s safety is compromised, or violations of court orders or program policies occur.

Direct Service Fee Schedule

$35 per exchange

An exchange is defined as one parent dropping off the child(ren) and the other parenting picking up the child(ren).

$120 per hour for Supervised Parenting Time (Visitation)

This must be paid before the service is scheduled.

$35 intake fee for custodial/non-custodial caregivers

This must be paid before the service is scheduled.

Eligibility for these services is determined by the Department of Child Safety. Services are referral driven. 

Client families can expect: 

  • An opportunity to visit with family in a safe, secure, home-like setting
  • Flexibility in scheduling visits – the program is open seven days a week
  • Consideration of ADA needs and sensitivity to the ethnic, cultural, and linguistic needs of the family
  • An opportunity to provide feedback to improve the visitation sites as well as services as a whole
  • To gain a wealth of new information from educated and experienced staff

Supervised Visitation Program Casitas

The Supervised Visitation Program has two casitas on the Casa de los Niños campus where children and parents can spend supervised time together playing games, sharing snacks, or doing arts and crafts. They include and outdoor area as well.