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At the El Pueblo Clinic of El Rio Clinic

Well-Child and Family Care

The Well Child and Family Care program provides developmental, sensory, and social needs screenings to patients birth to 5 years at the El Pueblo Clinic of El Rio Health.

Bridging the gap between pediatric, medical care, and developmental and social resources. 

Studies have shown that in addition to a great deal of physical development, the brain is 90% formed by age 5. Screenings for children at this age are critical to help determine possible delays or disabilities, as interventions are more effective when they are provided earlier in life. Despite these studies, only 1 in 5 of 1, 2, and 3 year olds have received a developmental screening prior to enrolling in the Well Child program.

Ensuring all children have access to high-quality preventative and continuous healthcare

Helping the whole family

The family’s social needs are looked at through the eyes of the child. If the parents are struggling, the child may be as well. The Well Child and Family Care team looks at the family to provide individualized screening, resources and referrals to services to promote stability. 

Interested in learning more?

Please note that Well Child and Family Care services are only available to patients at El Rio Health.

For information in English contact John Elliott, at (520) 788-3574 or by email at

For information in Spanish contact Veronica Banuelos at (520) 878-3690 or by email at