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Reflections of a New Parent – Marisa Garcia

Marisa Garcia,
Nurse-Family Partnership Client
& Kelly Early Education Center Parent

Sometimes life happens fast. I had every intention of moving forward with my plans for college. I did not plan on becoming pregnant, but at age 21, that was the situation. I was uncertain of how to move ahead, and my parents were really upset, and they feared the worst for me. They wanted to make sure emotionally I was ok. They had kids young and they knew how hard it is, and they were worried about a stable environment for the baby. My boyfriend, the baby’s father, is in the military, and I really did not feel comfortable moving to San Diego with nothing familiar and the challenges of a military life, and the physical changes of pregnancy were overwhelming. I went for a doctor’s appointment and was referred to the Nurse-Family Partnership program at Casa de los Niños.

This turned out to be the best possible thing to happen! The routine with my nurse helped so much, and she taught me how to make sure I was doing all of the right things to have a healthy pregnancy. I was also able to meet other new moms who were struggling with some of the same issues, and I learned from them as well. One of the amazing things about Casa de los Niños is the wide array of services and all of the ways they can help moms, families and kids. I was going to start working and I tried a daycare at a private home, but it was too expensive among other challenges. My nurse told me about the new Early Education Center at Casa de los Niños and said I should check it out. I was able to get some financial support from DES and enrolled Adriano. I had previously felt so concerned about leaving him, but the teachers and staff made me feel so comfortable when I brought him there, and they make drop off and pick up so easy, and I know that they are giving his great care. I’ve been able to make special requests about his unique dietary needs, and they were very supportive and helpful. Adriano’s father feels good about having him in a steady, high-quality daycare. My son is learning so much; he is so social and interacts with people so much. And they are helping him to nap without a pacifier! I really want to work and am focused on starting a career, so the consistent and high-quality center makes a huge difference. Without Nurse-Family Partnership and the Early Education Center, I don’t think I would have been able to attend school, and now I am ready to apply for nursing school. This was not the plan – but Adriano is a blessing – I love that kid!

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