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Supervised Visitation Provides A Safe Environment for Parents and Children

The Casa de los Niños Supervised Visitation program is part of the Supervised Visitation Network (SVN), an international non-profit that has a network of like-minded organizations and individuals to ensure that children are provided with a safe, conflict-free environment to see parents with whom they do not reside. 

In the past few years there have been multiple instances around the country where parents or children have been injured or fatally wounded during an exchange where there were no safety measures in place, or other parties present, to ensure that the exchange happened safely. 

The Supervised Visitation program at Casa de los Niños provides safe, supervised exchanges of children who are involved in custody cases to minimize the chances of violence by keeping parties separate, enforcing staggered arrival times to prevent stalking and other altercations, and conducting thorough intakes of all parties to understand the issues present with each family. 

The Supervised Visitation program is an accredited provider as certified by the Council on Accreditation as well as a service provider for the Pima County Superior Court and follows the SVN published minimum standards that address all aspect of the provision of services, including a section on providing safety and security for all participants. 

For more information about the Supervised Visitation program, please call Danna Lopez at (520-882-7977 or 520-624-5600 X 12100)

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