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The Kelly Early Education Center Earns A 4 Star Quality Rating

Casa de los Niños is proud and excited to announce that the Kelly Early Education Center was awarded a four (4) star rating by Quality First, Arizona’s quality improvement and rating system for early learning programs. The rating system was created by First Things First, a statewide organization that funds early education and health programs to prepare young children to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. The Quality First program helps centers gradually improve their programs based on the current research on what is best for a child’s development, and is an on-going process, not just a one-time evaluation.

This extremely intensive process takes years of coaching to master some of the skills that Quality First is looking for. The Quality First system performs building and classroom evaluations and observes teacher/student interactions. The Quality First system also analyzes the qualifications of the teachers and provides feedback on how to create more meaningful interactions and to continuously build a safe classroom environment. The standards of the Quality First system are extremely high and strict, and the Kelly Early Education Center is proud to have received an initial 4 star rating and looks forward to continuing working with Quality First to attain a 5 star rating!

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