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The mission of Casa de los Niños is to promote child well-being and family stability in our community.

AboutCasa de los Niños

For over 49 years, Casa de los Ninos  has served the Tucson community to prevent child abuse and neglect and to support and empower families. We deliver a continuum of evidence-based services to effectively address the needs of children and families within our community. 

The Cole & Jeannie Davis Family Center

In 2022, Casa de los Niños served


Supporting children & families when they need help

We educate and support parents, quickly intervene when crises arise, and treat those who have experienced trauma. We improve the lives of children and their families and reduce the long-term social and financial costs of abuse and neglect in our community.

Building strong families for a healthy community

By focusing on the whole family, Casa de los Niños helps everyone become stronger, more resilient, and able to thrive.

We are a voice for children

We are a voice for advocacy, providing vital resources for children and their families. We are here to make sure that children are heard and seen.
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