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Empowering families through trauma-informed services

Family Connections, Nurturing Parenting®, and SENSE

The Family Connections, Nurturing Parenting®, and SENSE program are exclusively referred to families through the Arizona Department of Child Safety.

Family Connections

The Family Connections program is a trauma-informed service that aims to improve social support, family functioning, improve child well-being, parenting attitudes and behaviors, and management of parenting stress. This home visiting program focuses on outcome driven service plans that will ultimately reach the goals set by the family.

Nurturing Parenting® Program

The Nurturing Parenting® Program is a family-centered trauma-informed program for families at risk for abuse and neglect. This program encourages positive parenting skills with nurturing behaviors and empowers families through structure, laughter, and play. This program also promotes healthy physical and emotional development and non-violent discipline.

SENSE (Substance Exposed Newborn Safe Environment) Program

The SENSE program supports families after the birth of a substance exposed infant. The program uses an array of services to work with families in the home to keep families together and maintain sobriety.

The Family Connections, Nurturing Parenting®, and SENSE programs were implemented in July 2021 and are still being rolled out to Arizona families.